The First Anatomy Exam

Yesterday the class of 2013 at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine took their first Anatomy exam of vet school. After many late nights and early weekend mornings in the anatomy lab, some were panicked, wondering whether what they had managed to stuff enough anatomical information into their already congested brain, and others were calm and collected, ready to see whether their work had paid off. I was in the latter group of students.

The exam was a lab practical: many stations set up around the anatomy lab that we rotated around at 1 minute intervals to identify whatever was presented. There were Far Side comics at the tables to ease anxiety. As soon as I started at my first station, I felt excited, not scared. As I rotated around the room from station to station, I noticed I had a big grin on my face. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one, a friend of mine (who was always one station ahead of me during the practical rotations) often looked over at me and we exchanged excited smiles. It was clear to both of us: we loved what we were doing!

Although I do not yet know how I did on the exam, I can say that I don’t really care. I could tell that I knew the material and I had so much fun taking that practical exam that it doesn’t matter whether I get a point off here and there.

As much as it was painful studying for so many hours, it was so worth it.

I’m having fun!