Where’d My Life Go? (in the thick of things)

I’m at the point in vet school where I’ve realized that my life is very, very different from the way it was before vet school. How did I realize this, you ask?

Well, the first time I realized that although I’ve lived in Davis for 2.5 months, I’ve only gone food shopping 3 times. (Keep in mind I cook and bake a LOT!) The last two times I went food shopping I went 3 weeks between shopping trips. This week wasn’t looking good for food shopping, and I had to make the decision to forego studying for a test during a free 3-hour block in the afternoon to go food shopping. Of course now that I have fresh food in my fridge, I must now find the time to cook. Fortunately cooking is a bit of a stress reliever for me, so I look forward to that.

I am also a person who really values sleep. Not that I expect to get 8+ hours a day, but I’d like to get between 6 and 8. With that in mind, I have to decide every night whether I want to study more, or get some sleep. Most nights I value the increase in mental functioning that I will get from a few extra hours of sleep, so I forego studying.

Keeping in touch with friends and family is also becoming more difficult. People who are online regularly or on facebook are easier to keep in touch with, but I really enjoy chatting with people for good chunk of time and that is what is becoming more difficult. It makes me feel horrible that I rarely get to use my phone to catch up with people (thank you AT&T for rollover minutes!) other than quick texts here and there.

Although my life is becoming more hectic and I just want a few hours to catch up on chores and stuff that I am struggling to squeeze in, I am still managing to fit in healthy habits such as rock climbing & bouldering regularly (and I’m getting other vet students into it too), post-exam movie nights, potlucks, etc.

Now I’m in the middle of being slammed by test after test after test: p-chem, anatomy, histology, epidemiology, anatomy, and then p-chem (again!). After that, I get to breathe a little and perhaps enjoy Thanksgiving.

I am determined to get my life structured better such that I can be able to fit in all of these things that I value without having to sacrifice too much.

Time really is too precious. Make the most of it, especially before you’re in the thick of things in vet school!