Finals Week Exhaustion

It is Wednesday morning and in just one hour I will be taking a final exam in cardiology. Am I worried? No, not really. Am I stressed? Nope. Am I exhausted? Yes!

Although we have a dedicated Finals Week at UC Davis, we do not take all of our finals this one week. Fortunately, as complicated as it is, because we have various courses starting and ending throughout the term you already have a few finals under your belt by the time finals week comes around, and that is a bit of a relief considering that we take 7 or so courses at a time.

Last week we had a radiology final and then this week we had anatomy, physiological chemistry, cardiology, and histology to end the week. The amount of material we need to learn for these tests is overwhelming and I am physically and mentally exhausted from all the hours spent focusing on this material, but I must admit that I am not feeling anxious or stressed in the slightest, which is a pleasant surprise. I know that I will learn the material and I will do fine! Just two more exams to go…