I will never claim to have my priorities straight. I get a giddy feeling, reminiscent of childhood, when I think about skiing on fresh powder and shamelessly check the weather and snow forecast every chance I get. I will admit that the iPhone and all of it’s wonderful apps have turned this habit into more of an obsession. I will also admit that I spent 5 hours in a car today completing what would ordinarily be a 2-2.5 hour drive for the opportunity to indulge in more than seven feet of fresh powder that Kirkwood received this past week while Davis was flooding (and I was too busy studying to even notice).

There were no thoughts of school or exams — just the road, the snow, and the mountain. Of course we did learn a few lessons along the way.

  • Coach buses, despite being equipped with chains, should never be allowed on Highway 88 when chains are required as it unnecessarily delays me from reaching my goal: the mountain, the snow.
  • Duct tape can fix virtually everything and should always be carried in one’s car. However, when two links break on your tire chains, it’s time to cough up that hard earned loan money and buy new chains!
  • When stuck in traffic on Highway 88, it is okay to watch young, hot men stretch outside their cars in your side view mirrors. If they knew that you went to school for 8+ hours per day with 90% women, they’d understand.

That being said, I will continue to spend my last weekend free from the burden of a Monday exam having fun. That is my priority. Today it was skiing, tomorrow it will be the WAAM Symposium a behind the scenes tour of PAWS.