When Panic Sets In…

I turn to my blog. This is not usually the case, but after going from 8am-5pm straight and no end to the madness in sight, it helps to take a break. I will be spending every waking moment for the next 2 weeks, studying (or eating while studying).

After hearing from upperclassmen that Winter Quarter of first year will kill you, any doubts I might have had as to the veracity of that statement have now been extinguished. I have never had so many sizable projects, meetings, tests, etc. on my plate in all of my life! It’s not necessarily that there are so many individual things to do, but rather the amount of time that each requires is so significant!

In the next 2 weeks, I have 1 group project, 3 exams, 1 final, 4 quizzes, lots of meetings, and I have to pull together an research proposal and apply for a summer research project (hence the meetings). Should I mention that the final is in a class that is notoriously hard and has caused multiple people to repeat first year of vet school at UC Davis?!

As much as want to not stress about these things, and take things one at a time, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. There are not enough hours in the day to manage all the obligations I have. I know this post might seem ironic considering that it is following a post on Priorities, but as much as I need to be studying, I need to have my study breaks as well. I will not regret the way I spent my weekend, even if it means that I will lose sleep and/or go far past the point of mental exhaustion tonight or even tomorrow.

How do you manage when you have so much on your plate and so little time for it all?