Studying for Cardio Physio Final – Day 1

One of the first things I heard about UC Davis during the Interviewee Orientation last February, before I had even received an acceptance, was the infamous Cardiovascular Physiology final exam of Winter quarter, an exam that, should you fail, could result in you repeating the entire first year of vet school!

Upon beginning the year, first years were warned about Cardio Physio – – the class, the professor, and Winter quarter in general – – and how difficult and painful an experience it was. Now, here I am, in the midst of the quarter – half way through, and just days away from sitting down to take that infamous 4-hour Cardiovascular Physiology final exam – and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am enjoying it — the professor, the class, and even studying for the exam!

Don’t get me wrong, the quarter is difficult and I am spending the weekend splitting my time between my research proposal that is due on Monday and studying for my final on Wednesday, yet I really enjoy the material. Cardio Physio is like a giant puzzle — and I love puzzles — there are many, many pieces and you know they fit together, so it’s just a matter of figuring out how. And like many puzzles, progress usually comes in waves, and those waves are extremely satisfying! I wish I could communicate how absolutely fascinated I am by the intricacies of the human, or other mammalian, body. A single change has a cascade of effects that may only need a single heartbeat to correct and return to homeostasis. It’s amazing!

Like the title says, this is only day 1, but so far, my stress level is 0. I’m enjoying this!