Let the OLYMPICS Begin!

No, that is not a metaphor for marathon-like studying. The “dreaded” Cardiovascular Physiology final is over after 4 grueling hours and the sleeping and celebrations can now commence! Celebrations may also commence for those who received interview invites at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine – there are still more to be disseminated, but congrats to those who are now that much closer to being in my shoes – ha!

Back to the topic of today — the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver! This is a bad thing for me. Why? Despite the fact that I haven’t watched television (aside from the Superbowl) since September, I am going to have a very difficult time NOT watching the Olympics. Why, you ask? One name — Bode Miller.

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about skiing – and racing. I competed in Slalom and Giant Slalom for 4 years despite needing bilateral knee surgery (still haven’t received the surgery) and I get a childish grin on my face and giddy with excitement every time I see a race course set up. There’s something so cathartic about demolishing these red and blue gates as you fly down the course — I can’t really explain it.

So, getting back to Bode – the love of my life. No, really, he is my longest standing crush – 14 years! I fell in love with him in 1996, before he ever became famous, or rather infamous, for his performance/behavior. I was in 6th grade. (Those of you who don’t know much about Bode can look him up on Wikipedia to learn about him.) Back in 1996 he was a reckless kid on the slopes and for some reason, that was (and still is) something I love about him. In 2002 he started his Olympic career and has earned many gold and silver medals despite his recklessness. I definitely found myself skiing like him at times, risking losing control and possible injury for a faster time.

Now, 14 years later, he’s 32, still reckless and beautiful and I am still infatuated with him. I will not miss an opportunity to watch him race, even for an exam. I am his biggest fan.