Cardio Physio: And The Verdict Is…

I will not be joining the class of 2014 in the fall! Excellent news, really, even though the interivewees for 2014 so far have been pretty fantastic!

After almost 3 weeks of waiting, in the wee hours of the morning Dr. Jones posted a message indicating that he had finished grading our exams and our grades had been posted online for us to check. Not that I was truly worried that I had failed (I was pretty confident I didn’t), it’s always nice to be reassured by seeing your actual grade posted. So I didn’t fail, not by a long shot!

I maintain that the class isn’t that bad — not if you take some early initiative, learn the basic concepts that he repeats constantly during both lecture and lab and study your tail off the weekend prior to the exam. Oh, and read the book. It’s actually a good read (and that is coming from someone who abhors reading!). I still maintain that Dr. Jones is a good instructor and he’s got a good sense of humor! Sure his exams  are challenging, but in the end, they are fair.

I wish I had more to say, but for now, that’s all that really matters.

And now, I will put on my scrubs and head to school to volunteer in Induction, Prep, and Clip for Spay Day 2010!