Remembering Why We’re Here

As I curled into my favorite study spot and begin to descend [again] into the whirlwind of finals, I received a friendly reminder of why I am here, spending absurd amounts of time in class, lab and studying. That reminder came in the form of a fuzzy butt positioned ever so unobtrusively on my study materials that lay next to me. When I asked Kali, my ~4.5 year old Abyssinian mix to excuse herself, she glanced back at me as, meowed and then did her characteristic jump/head-butt into my face. Not being a cat person, I’ve come to realize it’s her way of saying she loves me.

As I gently tugged at the papers that still remained under her paws, she walked politely off of them and curled up next to me. She knows the routine at this point, but her affectionate head-butts are a reminder of why I am in veterinary school. And while I know she resigns herself to laying at my side rather than her preferred position on my lap, I know I owe her a lot of love for all the hours I am not around.

It’s far too easy to go through our days and completely neglect our pets given our busy schedules. Yet, somehow, despite our busy schedules, and the ever growing lack of affection they receive, our pets don’t hold a grudge. My cats still welcome me at home every evening by peeking through the dining room window as I approach the door and then run over to the door to greet me with a few meows. Those moments make my day!

I’m doing it for them…

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