Accept / Decline Acceptance Page Goes Live at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

I shouldn’t keep doing this, but I can’t help it because it’s too easy.

The School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis routinely has a log-in page for students who received acceptances to accept or decline their offer for admission to the vet school. Being a website, that must get programmed before the offers go out, they set it up some time in advance of the decisions.

That being said, the site is up. Given that interviews are still taking place, it is unlikely that even those who are accepted will be able to log in for some time. Nevertheless, last year I came across this page and was able to log in days before I received my actual acceptance. Upon discovering this, I posted the link on SDN for other applicants to have a try. This year, I don’t want to create too much angst, so I am not going to post the link on SDN (even though the link hasn’t changed).

Does it spoil the fun or the surprise — YES! So I warn you, don’t try logging in unless you really want to drive yourself crazy, obsessively worry that your inability to log ultimately means rejection, and ruin the excitement of receiving that acceptance email!

With caution (and sincerest apologies), I provide you with the link…

EDIT: Out of respect for the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, I have decided to remove the link to the acceptance page.