I Lost My Focus in Belize…

Not that I was focusing on anything more than relaxing and having a good time while I was down there, I definitely left the US with some ability to focus and returned without any ability to focus. I think I am so enveloped in other endeavors right now and with the weather being so beautiful, it’s difficult for me to sit still in class and focus.

Ski season is coming to a close at the end of this month, rock climbing has been excellent as I am working on much more difficult routes than ever before, some friends talked me into getting a group exercise pass so I could take some classes with them, I got coerced into joining a Bowling League (did I mention I don’t bowl?) and I now have a country club membership so I can go swimming and hang out on the grass next to the lake whenever I feel like it.

What I am lacking, however, is time to do all of these things in addition to go to class/lab and study.

Clearly my focus is on other things! I expect that I will be able to regain my focus at some point in the near future…but probably not today. 😛