Weekly Exams, Quizzes, and Drama Galore!

Although I am convinced that my mind and body went straight from Spring Break to Summer Vacation, I am managing to regain my focus. There has been a lot going on in my life, so the first 3 weeks of school that were virtually without schoolwork or studying of any kind were somewhat of a blessing. Of course, now I am being punished for my lack of effort in previous weeks by having to study more and more last minute for big exams.

So far, Spring Quarter of 1st year at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis has entailed weekly quizzes in Genetics & Parasitology, group projects in Genetics, and exams in Endocrinology and Renal Physiology. I cannot say that I am terribly enthused about the coursework this term, but it is necessary to master this material so as to be the best veterinarian I can be, so I will do what it takes.

This term has already gotten off to a rough start due to some drama with a professor that is all likely due to mis-communication, or rather a lack of communication. Vet school and the field of veterinary medicine, like most professions, is not without drama. The best you can do is handle things maturely and professionally, with good communication and avoid emotion. Communication really is key — not just what you say, but how you say it and when you say it. Sometimes it is possible to prevent issues or conflicts by simply communicating efficiently and effectively beforehand. I know that this is very vague, but I would rather not let the drama infringe upon this blog, lest it exacerbate the issue.

I am hopeful that my focus will continue to improve and the drama will subside as the we progress through the term.