Questions? Ask a Vet Student!

Wow, I’m flattered, guys! No really, I am! More than 1,000 different people read this blog every month and the numbers are growing every day! Take a look at the trend for yourself!

People have visited from every state within the US as well as over 65 countries throughout the world!

That’s amazing considering what a small field veterinary medicine is, so I wanted to thank you, my readers for your visits and hope that you are getting some of your questions answered or are getting some of your vet school fears allayed.

While I know I receive messages from many of you via comments or via Facebook, I would love to hear from you more to know what types of topics you want to hear about (or hear more about). So, to make that easier, I’ve created an email account dedicated to my blog:

Feel free to email me with questions, comments, or new topic ideas. I am happy to address anything that is of interest!