Dating in Vet School – Part 2

Hopefully by now you’ve founds some new hobbies and hopefully made a few new friends. If you haven’t yet, you’re not trying.

For part two of this multi-part series on Dating in Vet School, I will suggest something that is relevant to any student who is living in a college town or is affiliated with a large university:

Get to Know Students in Other Departments

Believe it or not, not every department has the female-to-male ratio that vet school has. In fact, some of the other departments *cough* mathematics, engineering, physics *cough* have virtually the opposite problem: tons of guys but no girls.

You may suspect that the guys in these departments are not all the most socially adept individuals, and you may be right. But let’s not generalize. I have friends from all three of the departments I named here at Davis and I can say that in addition to being incredibly intelligent, they are all quite “normal” and socially well-adjusted. Imagine that!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Find some friends in these other departments and arrange an interdepartmental social event. Your vet school friends will thank you for providing a source of non-vet school men (not to mention, I am sure the men will be amazed and astounded at how intelligent and beautiful vet students are). It’s a win-win situation for all, really!