Love and Tests: Balancing Studying with Your Relationship

I’ve mentioned before in my post Dating In Vet School, that it is imperative to find, “a partner who is aware of and is understanding of the demands your course load is imperative, above and beyond any other traits. I also believe that a partner who can support you and keep you focused on your work as opposed to constantly distracting you from it is crucial.

I admit that it is a difficult when you have to try to balance a new relationship or new-live in boyfriend with the studying you know you have to do. The first time you test your ability to balance these two priorities in your life you may be a little nervous and one of two things will happen: 1) you do poorly on your test or 2) your partner feels neglected. Both of those outcomes you would like to avoid if at all possible from happening but it doesn’t always seem easy to do.

I’ve learned that having a partner who understands the importance of my education and career goals is key. A supportive partner will give you time to study on your own but help you study late into the evenings without making you feel like it is a waste of his/her time being there.

In the end, there are few things more satisfying than having a loving partner help and support you during stressful times andleaving that test knowing you aced it!