Going to School…with Dogs

Imagine leaving an exam (it could have gone well but perhaps it was more difficult than you had anticipated) and as you walk out the door kicking yourself for not studying hard enough, you are greeted by furry creatures with wagging tails. I don’t care what you say, but no matter how bad the exam was, you immediately feel better. This is the life of a vet student. In fact, the picture at right is not an uncommon sight on the vet school campus; it was taken following a Pharmacology exam this morning. Sure, the exam was easy, but even if it wasn’t, having these furry creatures around helps remind us why we are here, for if we were not so passionate about caring for these creatures, we wouldn’t be here.

It’s funny, though, how you come to expect those wagging tails, you almost become normalized to it they’re so ubiquitous. However, every once in a while it helps to just take a step back and remember how special your chosen profession is and how wonderful it is that you are able to play with puppies and kittens (of all ages) at virtually any time of day in vet school. There are always dogs being walked, kittens needing foster homes, and, of course, students in need of the unconditional love (and stress relief) provided by our furry friends.

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