Class of 2015 Applicants

It’s official — Class of 2015 applications have been received and are currently being reviewed! Congrats to all of you who applied!

There are 1,043 applicants this year, which is fewer than in previous years, but still makes the UC Davis applicant pool more competitive than other schools in the United States. On average, veterinary schools in the US receive 2 applications for every spot that they have to fill in vet school. This year, however, Davis, receives almost 8 applications for every spot in the first year class, which is pretty impressive considering that we have one of the largest class sizes of all veterinary schools in the US.

What does that mean to me? Well, simply put, it says that Davis is maintaining its reputation as one of the leading veterinary schools in the world. People want to come here and are willing to put themselves into an incredibly competitive pool for a shot at an interview and even acceptance! It makes me proud to attend such a prestigious university and know that we will continue to fill our classes with applicants who are the best of the best due to that competitive pool!