Oh My Goodness, A MOUSE!!!

Mice exist. Most people have encountered them at some point in their lives — in their homes, apartments, pet stores, work, in alleyways, in subway tunnels, and even in the classroom. That’s right, we occasionally have little a mouse visit us in lecture.

Now let’s remember, we’re in veterinary school. We are here because we care about animals and want to help them. Sure we all have our preference for species we’d like to treat, but the general principle should be that we care about animals.

So what’s amusing to me is the contrast in response between the first and second year classes to the mouse’s presence in lecture:

The Class of 2013 was graced by the mouse’s presence during an Oncology lecture. The lecturer responded maturely, acknowledged the presence of the mouse even worked him into the material but proceeded on. The class also responded well. Though distracted for a moment, most of us were intent on helping the poor mouse out or just leaving it alone so it could find its way home.

The Class of 2014, however, reportedly responded much more dramatically. There were some students who wanted to help the little guy out, but they were few and far between.

Reminder folks: we are in vet school. Let’s do our best to keep the squeamish, “Oh my goodness, there’s a MOUSE in the classroom!!!” comments that accompany the jumping out of chairs and on top desks to a minimum. It’s a mouse. Personally, I’m more afraid of a nippy chihuahua or a bull that was on the loose than a mouse. Let’s keep things in perspective.

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