Post-Application: Update Schools With Your Progress

Here is one piece of advice I strongly recommend: Subsequent to your VMCAS submission, upon completion of the Fall term, write up a formal letter and print it on resume paper.

Include the following information in your letter:

  • Indicate that you are an applicant for admission to the vet school at whatever school you are addressing the letter to, for matriculation in Fall of 20__.
  • Indicate that you want to provide the school with a few updates regarding your application.
  • Report your grades. If you have transcripts, indicate that you have enclosed them in the letter. If you do not yet have transcripts, indicate that you have requested them and the school should anticipate their arrival in the near future. If you do not provide transcripts, do provide a report of your grades in the letter (a chart format usually works for this).
  • Detail what other veterinary experiences you have gained and/or have plans to gain in the future, since your application.
  • Indicate any other pertinent information that demonstrates to the admissions committee that you are continuing to improve yourself as an applicant.
  • Thank them again for their consideration of your application and let them know to contact you if they have any questions or concerns regarding your application
  • Sign the letter in a professional way.
  • Be sure to include your VMCAS ID below your name on the letter.
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