SAVMA Symposium 2011 @ UC Davis

This year, the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis has the privilege of hosting the annual SAVMA symposium. Symposium is a national conference that brings in veterinary students from throughout the country and world to participate in wetlabs, lectures, and academic and athletic competitions amongst other things. This fantastic educational opportunity gives students exposure to topics and activities that may be outside of their school’s curriculum and is a great chance to meet and network with your fellow students and soon-to-be colleagues.

Students are in charge of putting on the SAVMA symposium every year and it is clear that a symposium requires a tremendous team effort and participation from the majority of students. I know how hard my classmates have worked to plan the symposium, which is why I am saddened to hear that weather is going put a “damper” on the fun. While we cannot plan the weather, nearly 2 weeks of straight rain is rather uncharacteristic for Davis and incredibly unfortunate. Some events must be canceled, such as the Veterinary Emergency Response Team large animal helicopter lift, an event that characteristically draws crowds, but unfortunately it is just not possible to perform such a lift given the current weather conditions.

But the show must go on…and it will still be fabulous!