Q&A: How Do I Impress My Interviewers?


 My name is SG. I am preparing for my 4th Vet School Interview next week and ran across your information online. Congrats on making it into school! I’ve worked in a small animal vet clinic for 14 years and just recently graduated from a vet tech program in December. I’m 32 years old and decided that this is my last attempt to get in. If you have any advice to offer to wow the interviewers I would greatly appreciate it.

 Thanks for anything you can offer,


Date: 2/13/11


Hi SG —

First of all – congrats on all of your interviews! Getting even a single interview invite is an accomplishment in itself, so kudos to you for getting four already!

It sounds like you have plenty of experience and knowledge of the field of veterinary medicine, so I would say just focus on demonstrating how you are unusual as a candidate – your age, life experience, non-traditional path to vet school so as to make yourself appear unique in the eyes of the admissions committee. Granted not all vet schools interview the same way, so just go in and be professional and confident, smile and make eye contact and demonstrate that you really are as amazing as your application makes you out to be!

Good luck! Be sure to let me know where you end up!

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