Q&A: Which Minor Should I Choose?

Hi Sharon!

I just applied to Vet School-whew!  I’m preparing my classes for the final semester and notice that I am just a few classes shy of a Biology Minor OR a Chemistry Minor (I can’t take both because the courses interfere).  I’m an Animal Science Major and register for my final semester in undergrad on Monday.  I began my college career with a solid 4.0 Freshman year, then my father was diagnosed with cancer sophomore year, junior year he passed away and now I’m a fifth year student.  I’m trying to recover from my dropped GPA (3.2) by retaking classes and keeping A’s/B’s in the new ones.  Do you have any recommendations on a minor? Or anything else for that matter?!





Hi Marie —

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! It is perfectly understandable why your grades suffered since first year and I can only hope that you explained your situation in the explanation section of your VMCAS application. As for which minor to choose, I would say go with whichever field you are strongest in. Considering that you are trying to recover your GPA, showing your strengths is clearly what veterinary schools want — don’t give the admissions committee any reason to question whether you are ready for the grueling coursework that veterinary school entails. On the off chance that you are equally strong in biology and chemistry, then the choice is simple, go with the minor/class that you are going to enjoy the most!

Congrats on being almost done with your Bachelor’s degree! You’ve been through a lot during your college years, I hope the best for you with your applications this year!

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