A Letter To My Dogs

To ALL of my dogs,

We may not have met under the best of circumstances. Some of you were lost, some of you had no home, and an increasing number of you had your home run away from you. I know little of your history but I know I love each and every one of you.

No matter how many hundreds or thousands of you there have been over the years, I look at each and every one of your faces and find something special to love about you. From the largest Great Dane to the teeniest Chihuahua, you have taught me so much. You have taught me not to judge in stereotypes as even the burliest pit bulls among you have wanted nothing more than a lap to rest your head on. You have also taught me that a missing eye or leg only makes you more lovable! And even on your toughest day, as you are licking my hand as I hold you in a blanket while you recover from surgery, I know you love me too.

Our time together may not have been long. For some of you it was a matter of days, for others months, but I loved you for every moment as if you were mine. And though many of you found your forever homes, I never cease to be saddened remembering those of you who did not. But do not worry…you were loved. I can only hope that I added as much to your lives as you have added to mine over the years. And wherever you are now, know that I still love each and every one of you. You are still remembered fondly each and every day. You are the reason I am here.

With all my love,
Sharon Ostermann
Today Your Animal Shelter Volunteer…Tomorrow An Animal Shelter Veterinarian

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