Q&A: Choosing a College That Will Get You Into Vet School

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I am a mom of a high school junior who wants to be a Vet.  We are trying to figure out what colleges are a good choice for her Bachelor’s degree (with respect to getting into Vet School).  We currently live in Indiana, but prior to moving here, lived in the Southeast.  My daughter goes to a college prep school and the preliminary vibe I get from their college counseling office is they want to work with kids (and families) that have the potential (and stash of cash) to attend Ivy League schools.   She has a 3.5 GPA student, but she has been to Prince Ed. Island vet camp, is president of her 4H, volunteers at the Shelter, equestrian, etc…  She probably will not go to a West Coast school….do you know of any resources for finding out more about E coast or Midwest schools regarding acceptance rates/bachelor’s programs?

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Hi AR —

I assume you are asking whether there are statistics for where the east or mid-west vet schools take students from in terms of undergraduate institutions. If that is your interest, I would suggest that you look at the individual websites for the vet schools in those areas to see if they have any admission statistics to share with prospective students. I know Davis has such statistics available but I don’t know whether all schools compile the same information.

However, regardless of whether those statistics exist, I would recommend that your daughter go to the best college or university that she can where she will also be happy. As long as she excels well wherever she goes, she will be a competitive applicant for vet school.

Good luck and let me know if you have any additional questions!

-Sharon Ostermann
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  1. I’d also like to chime in, since I lived in Bloomington, IN, for 6 years and considered Purdue for vet school before my husband and I decided to move back to CA.

    The Purdue Vet School holds an open house every spring for people of all ages. When I attended, there were plenty of high school students with their parents who were interested in how to start preparing their kids to be competitive applicants. During the open house, they also performed a live spay procedure that is projected on a large screen in one of the auditoriums, and after that there was an open Q&A session for both the vet tech and the DVM programs. I was much further along in my schooling at this point, so I used it as an opportunity to get a feel for how the vet school is run and what the atmosphere is for students. In your case, it could be a great opportunity for your daughter to start making a road map and strategically planning the next 5-10 years of her life. Good luck!

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