Q&A: I’m Doubting Myself – Do I Really Have a Chance?

I just had a question about applications. As you know it is coming up super fast. I am super depressed because I don’t feel as though I can get in but I want to apply and at least try. My gpa is only a 3.19 just took the gre so I do no know my score yet. I have done tons of community service and am vice president for habitat for humanity at my school. I work at the humane society as well but I just started 3 months ago. I dont have a letter from a veterinarian. Do I even have a shot? Am I just wasting my time?




Hi BB –

It’s completely normal to feel these doubts and they often get worse as the deadline approaches. You know that veterinary schools is difficult to get into and you’re wondering if you’re really good enough. Frankly, even the students with the 4.0 GPAs should be wondering the same thing. After all, a perfect GPA doesn’t indicate what type of doctor you will be, what your communication skills are like, etc.

Applications are multi-dimensional for a reason. The admissions committees want to have a good idea of who they are welcoming into their profession. If admissions were based solely on GPA, the process would likely be much simpler. But who’s going to determine how a GPA at a highly ranked college compares to a GPA from a community college? It’s not a standard comparison, so other factors must be considered.

Do you have a chance? Of course you do! It’s not like you woke up one day and said I want to be a vet but have a 1.6 GPA and 300s on your GREs. If that were the case, most people would tell you that something would have to drastically change for you to have a shot. Fortunately that’s not the case for you and the vast majority of applicants are also very qualified. So the competition is stiff, but you never know what the admissions committees are going to do. They have thrown curve balls – letting students in with failing grades and withdrawals and rejecting students with 4.0 GPAs from highly ranked universities.

So once you hit the submit button on the VMCAS application and the waiting game begins, take a few breaths and relax. And while you wait, keep yourself occupied by continuing to improve your application so that you can impress the committee should you be invited to interview!

Good luck!

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