Can I Transfer to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

It seems that word is spreading that the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis is now accepting transfer students, particularly from Ross University in the Caribbean. People are even reaching my blog by searching for “UC Davis not accepting Ross vet students,” so clearly there is a rumor circulating. Where that rumor originated is beyond me. I know a student at Ross who wanted to transfer to a school in the contiguous United States for various reasons and said that Davis was her top choice. When I heard that I became confused. Does she know something we don’t know?

Let me be clear…

As a third year student at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, I do not know of a single person who has transferred here. Everyone applied as first years and started as first years. Along the way, classes lose and gain students (those who are in the dual DVM/PhD program do 2 years of vet school followed by a few years of work on their doctorate, and eventually rejoin the vet school with the current 3rd year class). It’s also happened that for reasons such as pregnancy, students have taken a year off and rejoined the next class upon their return. But I’ve never heard of a student from another school gaining admission to the vet school.

Also, unless the school’s website is not accurate, it is clearly stated that the school does not accept transfer students. Question #34 on the DVM Program’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page states the following verbatim:

34.Do you accept transfer students from other veterinary schools?
No, we do not accept transfer students.

If that is not what you have heard, I suggest you contact the admissions office at vet school and clarify the situation for yourself. And, on the off chance that I am wrong, you should let the admissions office know that they should update their website!

Hope that helps clarify things!