Q&A: Starting at Community College – Where Do I Go From Here?


I was actually going through your blog on your webpage and I have some questions.

I am barely going through Pre-Veterinary in El Paso Community College. But I was wondering (and the counselors haven´t throughly answered my question) is that, where do I go from here? They have told me I could go to NMSU to continue for another 2 years but it would be for the same degree, “Pre-vet”. I dont know if I should transfer to NMSU or wait and finish, then transfer to Texas A&M where it´s actually where I want to go study and finish my career.

If you could answer my question it would really mean a lot to me. I would be greatly thankful!

Have a nice week.




Hi MB –

It sounds to me like you are in a 2 year program at a community college and counselors are advising you to transfer to NMSU to finish your bachelor’s degree. If that is incorrect, let me know. If you hope to pursue veterinary school – specifically at Texas A&M, then you will need to pursue that Bachelor’s degree first though whether it is at NMSU or some other 4-year college is up to you. You need to complete a basic amount of pre-requisite coursework in order to qualify to apply to veterinary school. Usually students who apply to vet school already have a Bachelor’s degree but on rare occasions students get into vet school with only 3 years of college.

Check out the requirements for Texas A&M on AAVMC (http://www.aavmc.org/) and also the Texas A&M website (www.cvm.tamu.edu) to determine what the requirements are for applicants at the College of Veterinary Medicine and work on completing those requirements!

Good luck!

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