Q&A: I Have a Low GPA, How Can I Improve My Application?


My name is JP and I really want to be a vet. I’m 21, just graduated with my Bachelors in biology and applied to vet school. My problem is that my GPA is crap. I graduated with an overall 2.7. I understand that it isn’t going to change now that I have the degree.

I have ten years of experience at a zoo and three years in a small animal clinic.
I know I probably won’t get in this time. What is the best way to buff up my application for next time?

Do I apply this fall again, or do I wait and try to go back to school? I could do another Bachelor’s or go to technician school.

Any ideas you have would be helpful, thank you.




Hi JP –

It’s definitely a tough situation when you want to make a big career move but don’t feel like you’re able to due to something as simple as your GPA. Let me tell you, you shouldn’t count yourself out just for that reason. You surely can consider becoming a veterinary technician, but if you really want to give vet school a try, you can do any of the following:

  • If you have to fill pre-requisite course requirements still, go about doing that and take it very seriously. Put on your game face and make it your priority to do your very best so as to prove to the admissions committee that now that you know what you want to do, you’re serious about it and your current grades are more indicative of your motivation than your previous GPA.
  • Go back to school and take more advanced science classes such as for a masters. Once again, go about it as you would for the previous suggestion. You want solid grades as they will be most convincing of your competence and ability to handle the curriculum.
  • Rock your GRE exam. If you can rock your GRE it may be considered to be a good way to prove that your college GPA is not a good indicator of your abilities.

Hope that helps give you a place to start! Good luck!

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