UC Davis 4th Year Clinics

People keep asking, “What’s 4th year like?!” Well, if you’re following me on Facebook you have an idea of what it has been like for me, but how about the nitty gritty details? That’s what this new series of posts is for!

So many of us go through vet school only hearing snippets of what to expect during our fourth (and final) year of veterinary school when we spend all of our time in clinical rotations in the veterinary hospital or on externships (and studying for National and State Board Exams in our [non-existent] free time). Given that there is so little information out there about clinical rotations, I wanted to shine a bit of a light on what clinical rotations are like, so I will be spending some time recounting my experiences on clinics, from rotation to rotation on the small animal side.

What you can expect:
1. A glimpse into what the hours, caseload, and on-call schedule was like for me.
2. No names of doctors, clients, or patients will be disclosed for obvious reasons.
3. Highlights, pros/cons, etc.
4. What rounds were like.

Keep posted in the near future for coverage of rotations I’ve already completed:
Internal Medicine (1 of 2)
Clinical Pathology
Soft Tissue Surgery
CAPE (Exotics)
Community Surgery

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