Caribbean Vet Schools – What’s Holding You Back?

When I applied to veterinary school, the Caribbean vet schools were very controversial as they were not accredited by the AVMA and, thus, were viewed negatively by many. I recall the stigmas I heard from various people that judged people who applied to or attended those schools, as if they were destined to be second-class veterinarians. While I cannot say that every graduate from Caribbean schools is stellar, I can tell you that not every graduate from even the top rated veterinary schools is stellar, so it’s hard to judge a veterinarian solely based upon the school they attended.

Despite the fact that years have gone by and there are now AVMA accredited veterinary schools in the Caribbean, I still find that people judge those schools negatively. The question is: why?

Now that AVMA accreditation is no longer the main concern, other issues come to light that are preventing students from applying to and/or attending Caribbean veterinary schools. Surely they are not the best situation for everyone, especially for students who are in long-term relationships, married, or with children/dependents. However, with increasing costs of a veterinary education, some people see Caribbean veterinary schools, which are more expensive than US veterinary schools, as not worth the expense. Yet for some, that expense may be worth it if they have no other options.

Instead of postulating, it’s more important for YOU to weigh in on which factors YOU consider to be deterring you from applying to or attending a Caribbean vet school?