Q&A: Taking Time Off After Graduation – Are There Time Constraints On Vet School Applications?

I would like to join the Peace Corps at some point, and I believe that after receiving my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, and before enrolling in veterinary school would be the best time. I was wondering if there were any time constraints on application of veterinary school, such as if I had to apply within a certain duration after graduating?




Hi PM –

Taking some time after undergrad and before veterinary school to do things such as join the Peace Corps is a great idea! Your question indicates that you are clearly thinking ahead, which is great!

Overall there are no constants on when you can apply to veterinary school. There are non-traditional students who take time off before applying or people who change career paths later in life that apply. They have to meet the same application requirements as everyone else.

While generally most schools don’t seem to put a limit on when your coursework was taken, I always recommend that prospective students check with the schools that they are interested in applying to just to be sure. Also, be aware that schools are able to change their admissions requirements from year to year, so even if you meet the requirements this year, that doesn’t mean you will next year. It’s tricky, but usually they don’t change things too drastically from year to year.

One thing that is time sensitive across schools is the GRE. Schools put a limit of 5 years on the validity of your GRE scores. While you may want to take the test while you’re still in “student-mode” keep in mind that you will have 5 years to apply and be accepted to vet school before you need to retake the test. If you think you might be cutting it close, you can always put off taking the GRE until you are closer to the point of applying.

Hope that helps! Good luck!