New Contributing Writer: Meet Lauren!

LaurenHello everyone! Since Dr. Ostermann graduated from UC Davis a few years ago, a lot has changed! To keep the site up-to-date and helpful for current pre-veterinary students, Dr. Ostermann has graciously allowed me to do some writing about the new application process and new curriculum.

But before I get into all that, I will tell you a little bit about myself! My name is Lauren, and I am currently a first year veterinary student at UC Davis. My journey did not begin until junior year of high school, when it was time to buckle down and decide on a college and major. I knew that I wanted to work with people, and of course I loved animals as well. I had been taking horseback riding lessons since middle school and had just about every pet, from frogs to rats to rabbits to cats. I wanted a career that was not just a desk job, that I would truly enjoy, and that would be variable and challenging. Realizing that veterinary medicine fit those criteria, I decided to pursue a biology major, knowing that I may change my mind.

I attended Loyola Marymount University for undergrad, a small Jesuit college in Los Angeles. I had a wonderful experience, but the disadvantage was that there were no animal science classes and not a lot of pre-vet advising. I took advantage of my summers, volunteering at the San Jose Animal Care Center (where I met Dr. Ostermann), interning at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, and shadowing an equine veterinarian. I also looked up a lot of information about vet school requirements and the application process on my own, making sure I was on track. I knew that I did not have as many experience hours as some applicants, but my GPA and GRE scores were very good, so I decided to apply to vet school during my senior year.

I applied to Washington State, Oregon State, Colorado State, and UC Davis. I was rejected from WSU, waitlisted at CSU, and accepted to OSU and UCD. (Clearly different schools emphasize different parts of the application!) I started school at Davis a couple weeks ago, and am loving it so far! The days have been long, but my classmates are great and the faculty are genuinely welcoming.

I am thrilled to be attending the #1 veterinary school in the world, and am looking forward to sharing some of my journey with you all! Stay tuned for my updates as I go through my first semester, and if there’s anything specific you’d like me to write about, feel free to comment.


5 thoughts on “New Contributing Writer: Meet Lauren!”

  1. Hi Lauren.
    Congratulations! Could you tell me if its true that UC Davis record lectures and post them on podcast.? I am a first year vet student in Alabama and I did a summer internship in Davis. I would like to get access to those recorded lecture if it’s possible. Thank you

    1. Hi Estefanie,
      It is true that almost all of our lectures are recorded and posted online as podcasts. However, my impression is that they are only for current UC Davis students. I would ask your internship supervisor if that is something you should have access to as well.

  2. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that this site will be having some new posts! I discovered it about a year ago and come here frequently for inspiration on those days when I feel that all my years of hard work won’t be enough to get me into Veterinary School. Thank you so much!

  3. I can’t see what you have to show us Lauren!!! I am currently in my second year of undergrad, and constantly thinking about vet school. could you do a post on getting in those veterinary hours? possibly pros and cons of shadowing, volunteering, internship, job etc.

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