Volunteers Needed for UC Davis 12th Annual Pre-Health Conference

As a follow up to this post announcing the 12th Annual Pre-Health Conference at UC Davis and my participation as a speaker, I wanted to pass on to you that there is a need for volunteers to help with the conference!

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to help out manage speakers, set wetlabs, and drive speakers to their classroom. It’s a great opportunity to meet other pre-vets, see the inner workings of the conference, and network with speakers (like me!).

Plus, they provide some other pretty nice incentives including…

  • Appreciation dinner and Kaplan Courses (Raffle)
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Recognition on Conference Website
  • Free shirt/food/access to all workshops+videos
  • Club credit / Club rewards (hours toward club prizes $1000/$500/$300)
  • First hand experience in hosting, interacting, and networking with health professionals across the country
  • A glimpse of the inner workings of the largest national pre-health conference
  • Good candidate for following year’s conference position as a coordinator
  • Looks great on the resume!

If you or anyone you know is interested, please pass on this information!

Please go to: http://www.ucdprehealth.org/volunteer/ and fill out an application to get involved!

UCD Pre-Health Conference 2014