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  1. Hi Sharon, I stumbled upon your blog and thought it was an oasis. I have been looking for books, sites and any other information on personal experiences on the journey to becoming a veterinarian, which has been no easy task. So first off, thank-you!

    I am actually from Canada and I have been applying and getting interviews for veterinary universities for three years now. I have increased my chances by bettering my grades and experiences.

    This year I decided to have a back up plan and applied for an Animal Health Technician program. Finding out I did not get into veterinary school this year I had made up my mind that I would start the AHT program, while still determined to apply again for veterinary medicine this upcoming year. However, one of the veterinarians that I have known and volunteered for for a number of years advised me that I should maybe reconsider as an AHT program, as it was not likely to assist me in anyway in achieving my goal and dream of becoming a veterinarian.

    I have since been trying to decide what I want to do for this upcoming year and have been trying to get as many points of view as possible before making this important decision. As such, I was curious if you could provide your opinion on how I should approach this upcoming year and if starting the AHT program would help in becoming a veterinarian.

    Thank-you so much for your time.

  2. Page isn’t found!! Help please!! I’m currently 18 and living in Canada and my lifelong goal has been to go into veterinary medicine. As the person above commented, I too have been looking for more personal accounts and forums and blogs about experiences in this field first hand so thank you so much for creating this blog, it’s going to help me out a ton!

    1. Sorry to hear that the page was taken down. Feel free to peruse lifeinvetschool.com as it has lots of helpful information for you!

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